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The Journal of Population Economics is an international quarterly that publishes original theoretical and applied research in all areas of population economics. More

The Journal of Population Economics is the official journal of the European Society of Population Economics (ESPE), published by Springer-Verlag.

Editor-in-Chief: Klaus F. Zimmermann

Hosted by: Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA)

Officially cited as: J Popul Econ

2013 Impact Factor: 1.470

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Issue 4 of Volume 27 is now available online.

Lead Article (27/4): "Empirical characteristics of legal and illegal immigrants in the USA" by Vincenzo Caponi and Miana Plesca. J Popul Econ (2014) 27(4): 923-960.


The Kuznets Prize 2014 was arwarded to Paolo Masella.

Starting from 2014 the Kuznets Prize will be awarded annually to the best paper published in the Journal of Population Economics.


Latest Articles

The impact of Internet diffusion on marriage rates: evidence from the broadband market by Andriana Bellou

Compensating for unequal parental investments in schooling by Loren Brandt, Aloysius Siow and Hui Wang

Strategic non-marital cohabitation: theory and empirical implications by Amy Farmer and Andrew W. Horowitz


We report with deep sadness on the passing of IZA Research Fellow Gary S. Becker, one of the most influential labor economists of our time.